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Sometimes boarding your dog, even in a home setting, is not an option.  They are just simply more comfortable in their own home environment.  There are also times when your dog may be ill, agitated from a veterinary visit, lonely at home due to demanding work schedules and need a pee/poop/walk break, or maybe they would just like to see a friendly face during the day.


At JeTT Pets we understand this, and offer a Drop-In service packages, and are more than happy to work a customized arrangement to meet your needs as a loving pet owner.  We believe it is your time and we will accommodate your requests.

Pricing Detail

15 minute potty break:  $12

20 minute drop-in:  $17

30 minute drop-in:  $22

60 minute drop-in:  $35

30 minute multi-visit (up to three in a day):  $50

*Multi-visit service can be used to substitute for boarding for dogs who are much more comfortable in a home setting






DFW Metroplex, TX, USA


Professional Drop-In Visits

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