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Leaving your pet overnight can be daunting, and JeTT Pets strives to make overnight boarding an easy and stress free experience.  We want your dog or pet to feel like they or on vacation so you can enjoy your time away without any concern that all their wants and needs are not being taken care of.

Consider the following handled so you can vacation, handle your business trip, or any other night off or excursion without a second thought:

  • Health care and dietary needs; including providing medication as directed by your veterinary professional 

  • Exact feeding schedule

  • Monitored exercise and interactive play in our open and large outdoor yard

  • Custom sleeping arrangements - In the bed with us, yes. On the couch, yes. Crated for serenity and comfort, only upon request. Just let us know what makes your dog comfortable and happy.  Our promise is to treat them as if they are at their own home.

  • Guest counts are kept minimum to ensure constant supervision, and a safe and happy environment

  • Acceptance and use of personal pet items (Beds, Toys, Treats, etc.)

  • Text and media updates that keep you in the know.  We promise to provide a minimum of three a day, but usually there are more

  • Flexible drop off and pick up times

  • Streamlined pick up process where your pet is packed and ready before you arrive.  No one wants to wait around, after being gone, to have their pet returned

  • Just let us know what you and your pet need!

We firmly believe in meet and greets.  We want to provide you the opportunity to meet us and give us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet more personally before the Overnight Boarding ever happens.

At JeTT Pets, Overnight Boarding is always inclusive of FULL Day Camp services on day of drop off and pick up

Pricing Detail

One Dog for One Night:    $37/per dog

Two or More Dogs for One Night:  $32/per dog








DFW Metroplex, TX, USA


Professional Overnight Boarding

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