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JeTT Pets

About JeTT Pets

At JeTT Pets our promise is to provide our owners and clients with professional pet services in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment.  We believe in constant, direct supervision of our pet clients across all of our service offerings.  We believe our owners must be proactively notified with status updates, media, and any other pet client information necessary to ensure our belief that our owners are just as integral to a successful, overall amazing pet client experience.

JeTT Pets is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) registered with the State of Texas

Tiffany Anne
Meet Jason Hamby

Hi, I am Jason Hamby, and I am a co-owner of JeTT Pets.

Tiffany Anne also approached me, in a typical divide and conquer fashion, with her initial food motivated pitch.  I was skeptical how I could make a living with this approach, but after Terry came back with her revised, a bit more professional proposal I was all in. Besides, they needed someone with a twenty-year background in business and management technology consulting to make all this function – I am convinced this is the only reason I was cut in.  Hmm. 

I have been a pet owner of multiple dogs throughout my life, but it has been this last year's immersion in all things dogs where I have realized how much of dog person I am, and how excited I am to be a part of an endeavor that views the Pet Services Provider to Pet Client and Owner relationship the way that JeTT Pets does. 

I will strive every day to differentiate the way We here at JeTT Pets do business.  Owners and Pet Clients will be treated as equally important.  If either is uncomfortable at any time before, during, or after any service provided I have not done my job. I can’t wait to show you the JeTT Pets difference!   

DFW Metroplex, TX, USA


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Meet Tiffany Anne

Hi, I am Tiffany Anne.  I am 13 years old and currently the Chief Dog Officer (CDO) at JeTT Pets.  I started this company with my best friends (Jason and Terry) so that I could get better food.  Those jerks feed me this Rx renal care stuff and it is awful! 

I became involved with pet care at a young age, as I am – a dog.  I started by dodging and weaving through life as a hardened street dog of one and two years of age.  Luckily I found my mom and moved on in my career to a corner office life. 

I spent some time in the agility world, but my free form style was too progressive so I retired from that, and started doing non-profit foster and placement work.  I am an amazing foster sister, and have helped 18 dogs recover and find their corner office lives as well. 

My dog care philosophy is simple…eat, sleep, sleep, repeat (maybe a leisure trip outdoors here and there for good measure). 

I am excited to meet your pet and look forward to stealing their food soon…very soon (see Rx dog food).

Meet Terry Turner

Hi, I am Terry Turner, and I am a co-owner of JeTT Pets (also known as First Assistant to the CDO). 

Tiffany Anne came to me with her crazy scheme to get better food, and since I was looking to move out of the legal profession I decided to give it some thought.  While acknowledging her plight, I thought it better to expand scope a bit, and provide First Class Pet Care services at a very reasonable price. Sorry, but the CDO still gets her Rx.

I’ve cared for dogs my whole life, having been involved with showing my dogs in agility and volunteering my time to help shelter dogs find homes, including fostering.  With JeTT Pets, I strive to give you exemplary service, understanding that I have two clients – you and your pet.  Jason and I are both professionals that traveled extensively prior to starting JeTT Pets so we understand the need for flexibility with scheduling and more than that, we believe when your pet is in our care, you and your pet are our priorities. 

We hope you enjoy our services and are more than happy to work with you in any way we can to keep your pet safe, happy and help make your life a little easier. 

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